Friday, January 8, 2010

Help Preserve an Ozark Wonder!

As shown in this link to the River Hills Traveler, this April the Mark Twain National Forest is asking for volunteers to help restore the old mill and cabin at Falling Spring in Oregon County, near the Arkansas border.

This very special and unique natural and historic area is about as isolated and unspoiled as it gets in Missouri. But it's very remoteness means that it is very susceptible to neglect and vandalism. The 1920's mill and nearby cabin are wonderful historic relics of the past located in one of the most spectacular parts of the Ozarks near the Eleven Point River and the heart of the Irish Wilderness, a federally designated wilderness area.

This area abounds in natural and historic wonders, ranging from the nearby Wilderness Cemetery to Turner's Mill, spring, and cave on the Eleven Point National Wild and Scenic River.

That makes this is a wonderful opportunity to get to see one of Missouri's wildest corners and help protect and rebuild an important cultural resource for future generations to enjoy!

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